Trust is something that seems hard to come by these days. To trust someone can be a delicate and difficult thing based on our past interactions with that person as well as with other people. Many times we trust the person in front of us based upon how our trust was treated by the last person. Trusting the Lord therefore can become especially difficult if we base our trust in Him upon how the last person treated us. We know that God is worthy of our trust, we know that He always does what is best for us out of His heart and character of perfect love and yet…Trust seems like a simple thing to do but we know that it is not easy. Continue reading

The Need to be Still

In my last post I spoke about the need to be productive. Now I would like to briefly consider our deeper need to be still.

It’s not that we don’t have a calling and purpose in this life that ought to be diligently and intentionally pursued, but rather that being still is the greatest thing we can “do” in this life to prepare us for life and eternity and to empower us to make our lives count for something.

When we are constantly busy and working, we will find ourselves continuously drawing from our own strength, our own wisdom, our own experiences and therefore our own limitations. To draw from ourselves as the source of what we need is a frustrating and ultimately fruitless prospect. We are limited at our best; at our worst we are corrupted, double minded and selfish; neither our best or our worst is  the well we ought to be drawing from for inspiration, fulfillment and empowerment. This is where being still comes into play. Continue reading


The question is not what I can produce for the kingdom. Rather the question is what will I release and allow to flow into and through me for the kingdom.

Most days we try and figure out what we can do for God. But Jesus reminds us that “by myself I can do nothing”.

Nothing I do will last.

What will last forever is that which God does.

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