The pursuit of knowledge

Knowing isn’t enough.

In the information age, we all seem to be pursuing more and more knowledge. We are inundated with it. We learn everyday, and indeed we should but it seems as though perhaps our lofty pursuit of knowledge has gone a bit awry.

What I mean is this. We keep reading, studying, learning, and yes even forming deep seated opinions, but for what purpose? Why do we want to continuously know more and more? Continue reading


Knowing His Love

So what do you know?

This is both a greeting and question. But what do we know, really?

We know what we see, hear, feel and experience. But we also know what we receive by faith. Faith in the speaker. Faith in the person who is telling us what we are now accepting as truth. So what do you know?

I want to tell you that I know God is love. And I know that His love is beautiful, unconditional, faithful, sacrificing and eternal! How do I know this? I am glad you asked.

I know that God is love because I have been told of it. One of the first places where I heard of the love of God was in His Word. And so yes, “Jesus loves me, this I know, because the Bible tells me so”. But I also know the love of God because the Holy Spirit has told me. In various ways and at various times, through highs and lows in life, there has been a constant speaking “I love you; I created you; I died for you; I know you and want you to walk with me”. The words of the Holy Spirit help me know the love of God. I also know God is love because I have been told of it by other people. Even though God speaks through His Word and personal revelation He also speaks through other people and I have heard others tell of His goodness, mercy, grace and love, and their words have helped me to first entertain the thought and then seize it as my own conviction: God is love!

But I don’t only know that God is love because I have been told, but also because I have seen it at work in others. People in my life not only have spoken of the love of God, but have showed it as well. The meekness, gentleness, compassion, patience, grace and mercy that others have showed to me, clearly demonstrated to me that a good God, full of love and mercy is not only real, but fills people with His love and Himself. What a beautiful thing to see the love of God in action in people’s lives!

Lastly, I know that God is love because I have experienced it! I have felt and received His divine love over and over again. Some of the most powerful experiences of His love have occurred at the altar. When I bowed before Him and called out in faith and desperation, He has always met me there! Not always in the same way or with the same message but always in the context of His amazing love! I have experienced His love in times of great need and frustration and loneliness. I have experienced His love through circumstantial blessings. I have known His love through personal transformation of ideas, thoughts, attitudes, priorities, actions and reactions. I have know that His love was real and transformational because of what I experienced within. I have known the love of God through answered prayers and by His promises and eternal blessings that are even now advancing! I have known and experienced the loving presence of God when I praise!

So what do you know? I hope and pray that you know that God is love and that He loves you! I beg you, receive His love afresh and anew today!