What the world needs now

It’s that time again. You know, when men and women begin to politic and proclaim what they believe about something, because they are certain that their particular political convictions are the hope of America. The rhetoric, the campaigning, the promises, the slogans. All of this and more has begun as the presidential hopefuls seek to sway the opinions and therefore votes of the people in order to get into office, presumably to make us a “better nation” and “help us move forward” and whatever other promise of hope they brand along the way.

But I am here today to tell you that what the world needs now, what America needs now is not another politician or political promise. We don’t need another piece of legislation or a better judicial ruling. What we need is Jesus. We need to have an encounter with God. We need to see God and begin once again to know the fear of the Lord. We need to recognize Him as Sovereign and humbly bow before Him in repentance and confession and plead for His grace and mercy in our desperate time of need! Continue reading


The power of words

“You are ugly.” – “You are beautiful.” – “There is hope.” –  “All is lost.” – “I love you.” – “It is finished.”

These are all words. These words mean something. Indeed all words mean something. What we say (and how we say it) has the power to bring hope and meaning to people’s lives. Our words also have power to tear down, discourage, misdirect and malign.

What do you do with your words? Continue reading

A World of Pain

We live in a world of pain.

Everywhere you turn there are people suffering.

They are hurting. Many feel hopeless and helpless. It hurts my heart to see the struggle that so many go through day in and day out.

We all know that much of our pain is caused by our own choices. But we also know there are things that happen in this life that seem to have no explanation. They simply come because we live in a fallen world. Because there is sin, because there is separation from God and because of the brokenness within the human heart, there is suffering. The pain we face comes in all forms: relational, physical, emotional, spiritual and more.

Perhaps even more tragic is that we don’t have to live as victims, defeated and hopeless and yet many times we do. Continue reading