The person in front of you

Lord what is your willWhat is God’s will for my life? What does God want me to be doing with my time, talents and treasure? How can I share the gospel of Jesus Christ? Who do I know that needs encouragement, help and love today?

These may be questions that you ask yourself and yet often the answer to these questions is quite literally right in front of us. Continue reading


I don’t have a clue

A post about ministry, His presence, and knowing what to do.


I write this blog post with a dose of fear that I may be misunderstood or even maligned as a result. And yet I write this article in the hope that it will help someone walk closer to the Lord.


Do you know what you are doing? I mean really know? Many of us have some degree of knowledge of what we are attempting, the purpose for which we are attempting it and possibly what the end result might be, but do we really know what we are doing?

Can we say with judgment day honesty “Yes, I am currently living out the will of God in my life and ministry exactly as He would have me do it”? Is every word spoken exactly as He would have us? Is every look, touch, gesture exactly as He would do it? Can we say with absolute certainty that we are doing the exact things that God wants us to do exactly when and how He wants us to do them?

If we are honest with ourselves we must say “no”. Not everything we do is done with a perfect knowledge or understanding. Not everything we do is done exactly as God would have us to do it. This of course has to do with a multitude of reasons: impure motives, poor listening skills, living in a fallen world, outside distractions and detractors, etc.

Furthermore as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ we are availing ourselves to Him that He might still have a physical body and presence on earth in addition to His Spiritual Presence. Ministry is that attempt to go where Jesus would go, speak His Words, extend His touch and share His love with the whole world. How in ministry do we know if we are doing the right things? Are we certain that both as Christians and as His church we are actually using His time to His glory or are we squandering His time with our pitiful attempts at accomplishing sometime significant for Him?

These are difficult questions. And all of them actually beg yet another question: Can we really know and do the will of God in this life?

The answer is yes. We can know God’s will and we can live like Jesus in this life! But this is only possible as we abide in His Presence. In His Presence He reveals, in His Presence He instructs, in His Presence He empowers and in His Presence He guides. All that we are powerless to do in our own strength and wisdom and according to our own plans is possible in His Presence.

That doesn’t mean that He will reveal it all to us, or that He will necessarily reveal it to our own satisfaction, but He will reveal what is necessary in His perfect way and His perfect time. And so we must wait. In the waiting He shapes and forms us. In the waiting we become broken, humble and open to His words and will. In the waiting we learn that we don’t need to know anything more than Him.

So basically I am telling you: in my life and in ministry, I don’t have a clue as to what to do; except this: wait at His feet and do whatever He says. And if/when I mess up, I simply go back to His feet and ask Him to show me the error of my ways and once again fix/redeem my mess. So I don’t know what He has for me next year, next month, tomorrow or even 5 minutes from now. But what I know is that right now He wants me to wait in His Presence and He will reveal to me what He so chooses in His time.