Unhindered Worship

I have a tough question for you and me: do we expect to encounter God Himself in worship and prayer and when we are in His Word? Do we believe that indeed we will have a supernatural encounter, interaction and communion of our spirit with His in the midst of worship? Do we pray for it? Do we look with faith, hope and expectancy for the hand of God at work and the face of God shining upon us as we exalt, adore and lift Him up? The truth is that we almost always see what we are looking for. If we are looking for God, we will find Him (that is a promise of His Word!). If we are looking for things to complain about or critique we can find those things too. But if we are looking for the Almighty, Divine, Holy Presence of Almighty God in the midst of our gatherings I believe we will be able to see that He is there waiting on us and desiring (and willing!) to pour forth of His Spirit, His fresh wind and His fresh fire upon His Beloved.

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Our desperate state

We are so completely dependent. Though we think we are autonomous, self-governing,¬†independent¬†beings, when we boil it all down: we are desperately needy for … God.

We are not merely in need of a few blessings or provisions from His hand. No, we are desperate for His glory, His face, His Spirit, His presence! Joy is not something God gives us to put in our pocket and carry around a while. Love is not something we can frame and mount on our walls. Peace is not something that we can hang on our neck. All of these “things” flow out of His character and His presence.

If everything in our lives went exactly as we thought it should but we did not dwell daily in His Presence, we would be miserable creatures with no peace, no freedom, no joy and no hope!

However, if everything in our life appears to be “upside-down” and nothing is going according to what we think is “good” but we are ever, always at Jesus’ feet and abiding in Him, then nothing will be able to discourage, disarm or destroy us!

The mystery of the gospel is this:

  • When we are weak, He is strong.
  • When we are empty, He fills us.
  • When we have nothing, He can be our everything.
  • When we suffer, He uses that suffering to bring us joy and peace.
  • When we know nothing and can do nothing, He becomes our All in all!

If you are struggling today: give up! Let go! Surrender! Let God bring you into His divine Presence, and let His incomparable power, unfathomable love, and His amazing grace redefine everything you thought you knew about life.

Oh Lord, I am desperate for You!