God is all sufficient


We are weak: Always in need of the strength of the Lord.
We are foolish: Always in need of the wisdom of the Lord.
We are unworthy: Always in need of the worthiness of the Lord.
We are unrighteous: Always in need of the righteousness of the Lord.
We are lost: Always in need of the retrieval, and guidance of the Lord.
Let us never lean on anything we have in ourselves: Only rely on the faithful, never-changing, all-sufficiency of God.


Pride and the battle strategy of the Devil

Pride is something that comes upon us by way of stealth and a sneak attack.

It comes in little snatches of a thought. The whisper of an idea. The simple notion that either some personal offense has been committed against you or sometimes even deadlier: the hint of an idea that you really are doing so much better than before.

The roots of pride come from the seeds of doubt and the promises of great gain; the seeds of pride are nefarious and evil.
They are evil because their origins are from the father of lies, the devil, who desires to turn the attention of people inward thereby averting their gaze from the heavenly Father above. Pride grows in the soil of self-contentment or self-esteem and is nourished by the two constantly flowing streams of negativity and flattery. Continue reading

Where the Spirit of the Lord is

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

Where is the Spirit of the Lord?

Is there a place where He is not? Where can you go to flee from His presence? Whether you are on the far side of the sea, in the heights or the depths, God is there.

So why is it that so many do not walk in freedom but instead are in bondage? Why are people everywhere bound by fears, shame, guilt and strongholds? Continue reading

A Happy Life

keep-calm-and-live-a-simple-happy-lifeWhat is a happy life? So much of our time and energies seemed to be consumed with pursuing happiness and a good life. I guess it might be important to know what it is we are running after so diligently.

I believe that a happy life is more than merely a lack of frustration or angst and certainly more than the presence of fortuitous events and emotional calm. These may indeed be facets of a happy life but I believe  Continue reading