A life of trust

Each and every day of our lives we face opportunities in which we can either affirm our faith in God to freely give us all things that are needed or to choose doubt, worry and fear.

It begins as soon as we wake up. If you are anything like me, once that alarm sounds, it is a very few moments (seconds even?) before I think to myself “What am I doing today? What is on my calendar for today?” And right after I pose this question to myself and the flood of planned events enters into my mind I am immediately presented with the opportunity to trust or doubt. Will I grab hold of faith in God that He will supply all of my strength, wisdom, patience and perseverance to accomplish the tasks? Or will I grab hold of the seeds of doubt that say: “There isn’t enough time”, “It’s just too hard” or “I just don’t have what it takes”?

And then through the course of the day, so goes the inner conversation. Can I do it? Is God able? Is it possible? Every situation, every conversation, every event of the day carries with it the same opportunity. This opportunity is for God’s character to shine through us, or for our own self to take over. If God’s character shines through us, our choices will be to honor Him, trust Him, point to Him, cling to His promises and rest in His embrace. Furthermore if we choose to trust we will walk through life with peace, inner contentment and an assurance of His love and provision. If on the other hand, we allow our own finite and insufficient self to shine through, the result will be constant fear, anger, doubt, falling short, and otherwise making a mess of life. If we only look at the past or the present difficulties without clinging to faith in Jesus Christ, we will be overcome by hopelessness, frustration, stress and despair.

So today, this week, will you choose to trust Him? Or will you live according to your own limitations? Will you choose to walk according to His promises and His Holy Spirit? Or will you just “wing it” and “make the best of it”? The way that you and I can truly live a life of trust is to commit everything to the Lord, to pray each day and all day, and to read His word carefully, diligently and with faith, believing.

My prayer is that you live a life of trust, asking for and receiving the fullness of the blessing of the Holy Spirit, who provides everything we need for life and godliness. When you do, the impossible will happen, miracles will come to pass, and you will be full of a peace, joy and love that words cannot explain!


Eternal Implications

What you do and what you say today can have eternal implications. Maybe in your life, maybe in someone else’s.

Have you ever considered the weight of our lives? So often we think about how the events, circumstances, relationships and feelings that swirl in our lives effect and affect us, but what about how our lives intersect, influence and impact other people’s lives?

It is easy for us to see when other people’s choices cause us difficulty and pain. We are quick to label things as “offensive”, “rude”, “selfish” or “foolish”. We are especially quick to put these labels on other people’s behaviors, but what about our own? Are we as quick to consider our own behaviors? Continue reading

We get to choose

No matter what you do today, the fact is that it you had a choice in it.

It’s true.

Every day, every moment, we get to choose. And we do choose.

You might object and say, “No, I didn’t get to choose whether or not this or that happened to me” and that may be true, but you do get to choose how you react to the things that come your way.

There are numerous things that we don’t choose about our lives. But there are innumerable things that we do choose.

The shirt you have on today. The meal you have for breakfast. The alarm you set and the time you got up this morning (oh and by the way, these might not be the same thing) you got to choose. The expression on your face, the people you call, the things that you do today, the words that you speak, yes, even the things you avoid: these are all things that you have chosen.

There is beauty in this. But there is also responsibility.

What will you do with your choices? Continue reading

Leading others to change

Can I share something with you that I believe will tremendously help you as a leader?

All behavioral modification is self-chosen. What I mean is this: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”.

In leadership we are constantly seeking to help people improve, discover a better path, realize their own fullest potential and so on and so forth. But when it comes down to it, we can help people (the best that we know how, and we don’t know everything) but yet each person has to choose for themselves what they will and won’t change about themselves and their actions. Continue reading