No compromise

Life is full of compromises.

When you are trying to figure out a place to go eat with your spouse, you compromise. This compromise makes us self-sacrificing in our love.

As you decide on an appropriate plan of action for your work project, you compromise. This compromise makes us team-players.

When seeking to make peace with another person, we compromise. This compromise makes us peace-makers.

But there is a place in life that we absolutely must never compromise. We simply cannot EVER compromise when its comes to sin. When we do, that compromise defeats us.

When we compromise with sin and the world, we really reject the truth of God. If we compromise with sin we are in actuality agreeing with devil and pushing back again the truth of God. Can you ever imagine in your life glorifying the devil and dishonoring God? We do this when we compromise with sin. Furthermore, if we compromise with sin we are rejecting not only the truths of God but also the promises of God.

The GREAT NEWS is that we don’t have to compromise with sin. If we will come to faith in the Lord Jesus, then we can have His Holy Spirit power within, both forgiving and cleansing from sin but also empowering us to live victorious over sin. As a believer in Christ, the same power that is at work in us is the same power that raised Jesus from the dead!! The power that raised Jesus from the dead is able to preserve us complete and without blame in the face of sin and all the way until we leave this life and go to the next.

There is no sin, no call of the world, no deceit of the devil that is stronger than the power of God. Ask the Holy Spirit into your life for forgiveness and salvation but also ask the Holy Spirit power to be at work in you sio you can say yes to righteousness and no to sin. Don’t ever compromise with sin. And I know that if you ask Him, God is able to empower you and keep you victorious over all sin!!


No one else can do it for you

No one else can choose for you. No one else can think, feel or act for you. We each must choose for ourselves who we will serve (Joshua challenged the people of Israel with this choice). We each must choose for ourselves how we will live.

When circumstances are especially difficult and we ask the Lord to help us, one thing we must know is that we cannot sit passively back and let someone else just “sort it out”. God is able to do things in and through us, but only as we choose to allow Him to. Remember: when we seek the peace and joy that God gives we must choose to receive it from Him. He is not going to force His peace and joy upon us.

Many times in our lives we find ourselves in the middle of a “bad day”. And then we wish or dream or hope or pray that things will get better. We long for the moment when things will once again be “good” and we will be happy. And yet we often wait for God to somehow magically change our attitude even while we are sulking or complaining. God has the power to anything and yet He has given us the gift of free will and therefore won’t go where we don’t allow Him to. If we ask Him to make things better but don’t make the choice to allow Him to change us, will things really get “better”? If we ask Him to guide us through a particularly trying circumstance but we don’t allow Him to shape, form and re-tool us so that we personally can be victorious, will anything really feel  better or complete? What good are changed circumstances if we are still broken within?

No other person can make your choices for you:

  • No other person can choose to eat, sleep, work or play for you
  • No other person can choose joy, peace, love, hope, contentment for you
  • No other person can choose or have a good attitude for you
  • No other person can choose or live out Christlikeness for you
  • No other person can worship, pray, serve or become a disciple of Christ for you

In all of life no one can do it for you, though Christ can live life in you and through you!

Only Jesus can bring you hope, peace, joy and contentment, but not through the changing of our circumstances but rather through the changing of us. And He won’t change us unless we let Him.

So, whatever you are facing, choose now to let Him change you. He might also change the things around you, but He is far more concerned with you than with passing circumstances. And when you ask God to make you feel better, have a better attitude, be more like Him, have more contentment, truly feel full and alive, realize that no other person can do that for you. Only God in you can make it happen and then only with your permission and your partnership. He won’t do it alone. You have to work with Him.

So stop waiting for some other human to make you feel better. Seek the Lord with all your heart. Ask Him to change you. And then personally agree with Him and partner with Him in whatever He wants to work in you!