Does your Christianity matter?

You and I will do 100 different things this week. Some of those things may have a significant impact on us personally as well as on our sphere of influence and our legacy. Other things that we do may not matter quite so much. What color toothbrush we pick out or what condiment we put on our hamburger matters little in the eternal picture. What we believe about God and how we treat fellow human beings: that has a massive influence on eternity.

A question to seriously consider is “does my Christianity matter?” Does what I believe about God actually impact the people around me? Does what I do on Sundays really have any bearing on how my coworkers perceive me?

The answer to this question may not be as automatic as you might think.

Obviously, what we believe is enormously important because it often shapes our behavior; however not everything that we claim to believe do we live our lives according to. We may claim that God is love and therefore we should also be loving and yet perhaps we act in an unloving way towards someone. Then we justify that behavior because of the “stress we are under” or “how rude they were” or some other equally insufficient excuse. Sometimes we allow what we claim we believe to be overruled by something more pressing (usually our comfort or pleasure or what is easiest).

So I want to ask again: “Does your Christianity matter”? In other words, do you live your life such that what you claim to believe about Christ and eternal truths is daily evident in your life? Are you following through on your commitment to the Lord to live by faith and not by sight?

If you want your Christianity to matter, it must inform everything you do, whether on Sunday or any other day of the week and regardless of circumstances, or pressure, or other people, or any feelings you may have. Dear Christian, if we claim Christ as Lord let us walk as Jesus walked. Then our Christianity will not only matter but it will be blessed and used of the Lord for His glory and for the redemption of the world.


The reality regarding revival and the salvation of the lost

We do not intend for the church to be revived and the lost saved.

If we did, we would make a plan to work toward that end (at all costs) and would work the plan.

We would not give up or give in.

We would persevere until we saw the revival come and the lost being saved and then we would work diligently to keep that move of God alive. This only comes through prayer and the Word, faith and obedience.

If the church intended to be revived she would take the steps necessary for her own reviving and revitalization (after all God has surely already taken His steps which are necessary for us to be revived). Continue reading

Another Monday

Another Monday

Now what? Spring break has come and gone. The adventures were had, the experiences enjoyed and the memories formed. Now back to life. Back to the to-do list, back to the expectations, hopes, dreams, and fears. We put life “on hold” for a week, but it still waited for us to return. Will we live it the same as before? Will we do the same things in the same ways? Will we make the same mistakes? I hope that we take every opportunity given to us by God to start fresh and new. His mercies are new every morning, so should our outlook be. We have been given another week, another day, another five minutes. What will we do with that time? How will we use it in a meaningful way that gives God glory and helps to advance His kingdom on earth as in heaven?

Let me share just a couple of things with you that can equip you for whatever you may be facing today: Continue reading