You are the light of the world

Dear Christian,

I want to remind you of some amazing words that Jesus spoke to His disciples 2000 years ago and even now is speaking to those who wholeheartedly believe in and follow Him:

“You are the light of the world”.

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The reality regarding revival and the salvation of the lost

We do not intend for the church to be revived and the lost saved.

If we did, we would make a plan to work toward that end (at all costs) and would work the plan.

We would not give up or give in.

We would persevere until we saw the revival come and the lost being saved and then we would work diligently to keep that move of God alive. This only comes through prayer and the Word, faith and obedience.

If the church intended to be revived she would take the steps necessary for her own reviving and revitalization (after all God has surely already taken His steps which are necessary for us to be revived). Continue reading

Another Monday

Another Monday

Now what? Spring break has come and gone. The adventures were had, the experiences enjoyed and the memories formed. Now back to life. Back to the to-do list, back to the expectations, hopes, dreams, and fears. We put life “on hold” for a week, but it still waited for us to return. Will we live it the same as before? Will we do the same things in the same ways? Will we make the same mistakes? I hope that we take every opportunity given to us by God to start fresh and new. His mercies are new every morning, so should our outlook be. We have been given another week, another day, another five minutes. What will we do with that time? How will we use it in a meaningful way that gives God glory and helps to advance His kingdom on earth as in heaven?

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The Lord, Mighty in Power, Mighty to Save

The Lord is mighty to save.

He is able.

His arm is not too short.

He is powerful. He is majestic. He is mighty. The Lord reigns. The Lord is sovereign. Everything is under His feet. He rules and reigns over everything. Anything that takes place is because He allows it and nothing takes place except that He is aware and watching over it. The Lord is able to save completely those who come to Him. The Lord is able to set them free from fears, worries, addiction, shame, and guilt. The Lord is able to deliver people from oppressors, from deadly peril and more. The Lord is able to set us on a firm foundation and make us stand firm in the midst of the fiercest drought or storm.

The Lord is able to save.

He is able to save the stubborn. He is able to save the wicked. God is able to save those who are foolish, and those who are wise in their own eyes. He is able to save completely all who come to Him.

The clincher is simply that we come to Him.

If we don’t trust Him, if we don’t believe Him, if we don’t ask Him to, His available and all-sufficient power will remain untapped and unknown.

The Lord is able to save you from whatever you face, but you have to let Him. He is willing to save you from anything that would keep you bound, but you have to let. The Lord God, mighty to save is stronger and more powerful (infinitely so!) than anything in this world or even in the worlds we cannot see, the question remains: will we let Him? Will we believe? Will we ask? Will we walk in faith and trust and obedience? If we will: Victory! If we won’t: utter defeat and despair. I choose the salvation and power and might of the King of the Universe. Won’t you?