Living with the mystery


I don’t know.

It just doesn’t make sense.

All of these are things that you and I might think or say on any given week. The reason for this is because we live in a fallen world where many sad, hurtful and broken things occur and even hurt and affect us. We may ask God, “Why?” or “Why me?”, and yet we may have to learn to live without knowing.

It is astounding to me that God would trust us with the situations He allows us to go through and equally amazing that God entrusts us with the opportunity to walk through much of life with the mystery of not knowing.

It seems that much of the time God’s simple answer to our curiosity is: “I am here” and “I am enough”. Do you know that indeed God’s presence and glory and power and love really is enough for whatever you are going through?

Do you walk by the faith and knowledge that God’s power over all is sufficient? Do you rest in the assurance that He truly is working to redeem all things and all people for His glory and the good of those who call upon His name?

Please, today take all of the things you don’t know, don’t understand and probably don’t like, place them at the feet of Jesus and begin thanking Him that He is God over the mystery. Thank God that He is more powerful than the circumstance and rest in the reality that His knowing is enough for us.

Let God be the God of your attitude and outlook, your past, present and future and especially of the mystery of things we may never understand. Thank God, He is big enough to handle that!!


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