Faltering, falling and failing apart from the presence of God

What happens in life when there is a keen awareness of and reverence for the abiding presence of the Lord?

Victory! Power! Joy! Peace!

What happens when we forget who we belong to and whose Spirit is in us?

Precisely this: we stumble, we falter, we wander, we fall and we fail.

The Word of God reminds us that God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. As such when we diligently pursue the tasks at hand without His thoughts and His ways guiding us, we will certainly find ourselves at our wit’s end. When Christians live ever aware that God is with us and God is in us, it humbles us and gives us pause to consider that what we do, we don’t do alone, nor do we do it only for our own pleasure or purposes.

Since the Holy Spirit of God is within us then we must stop and honor His presence; we must cease from our laboring, fretting and hurried frenzy and let Him speak. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, we know that the Lord places His Spirit within us to purify and cleanse, infill and impart. He does this because we are inept, insufficient, foolish and weak apart from Him. But with God’s Presence within, we can overcome all, while He gets the glory and the honor!

So this week, if you are struggling with a sense that your steps are sluggish or misplaced, the journey is long or perhaps you have gone down the wrong path, or the faltering and failures in your life seem insurmountable: take hope: Christ Jesus, who is the hope of glory, is inside of you! So let the assurance of His Presence redeem your failures and strengthen your heart.

Christ is with you, Christ is in you, praise His holy name!!


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