An urgency to our testimony

We live in a fast food culture. Waiting 3 minutes for our food is too long and waiting 30 seconds for a red light is enough to set people off in fits of rage. In so many ways we live too fast, too furious and as such live distracted from the most important things. There is, however, one area of life that we seem to be dragging our feet in and seemingly sensing no urgency in. It would seem that so often Christians don’t realize how pressing and urgent it is that we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people.

Really it is the same lie that the devil has told people for ages: “there’s no rush, take your time, there’s always tomorrow”. 

Meanwhile, if statistics regarding death and faith are correct there are possibly as many as 50 or more people dying every minute and heading towards an eternity apart from the love and light of the Lord Jesus.

There absolutely must be an urgency to our testimony. We need to be quick to tell others of the good news of the gospel. As followers of Christ who know that this world is temporary we must, must, must spend time interceding for the lost and bound and hurting people and we need to be quick to relate to them the promises of God. The Word of God will bring life and hope to all who will receive it.

Christian, please this week consider carefully who in your life needs a touch from the Lord. Prayerfully approach your interactions with them that you may speak life into them by sharing the gospel with its warning and commands but also with its blessings and promises. Let us not allow the “pressing” matters of today distract us from the truly important matters of eternity, and let us not allow fear of rejection or humiliation keep us from praying and witnessing. Remember that the best way you can love another person is to connect them with the One who is able to completely save, heal, deliver and preserve both now and throughout eternity!


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