Unhindered Worship

I have a tough question for you and me: do we expect to encounter God Himself in worship and prayer and when we are in His Word? Do we believe that indeed we will have a supernatural encounter, interaction and communion of our spirit with His in the midst of worship? Do we pray for it? Do we look with faith, hope and expectancy for the hand of God at work and the face of God shining upon us as we exalt, adore and lift Him up? The truth is that we almost always see what we are looking for. If we are looking for God, we will find Him (that is a promise of His Word!). If we are looking for things to complain about or critique we can find those things too. But if we are looking for the Almighty, Divine, Holy Presence of Almighty God in the midst of our gatherings I believe we will be able to see that He is there waiting on us and desiring (and willing!) to pour forth of His Spirit, His fresh wind and His fresh fire upon His Beloved.

If we do actually come expecting His Presence and praying for such I also believe that faith can unleash in us a worship that is in Spirit and Truth and truly honoring to God. There is something beautiful about a simple faith expressed in unhindered worship. We should have a complete peace and freedom to worship God for who He is. With no worries of who is around us or how we feel, but rather simply full of adoration and gratefulness, we pour out our hearts and lives to the One who poured out His all for us!

Unhindered worship of the One that we know meets us every time we worship and pray is not performance, not for show and not for attention. Unhindered worship is not trying to impress God or people. Unhindered worship is not seeking to gain approval from God or people. Unhindered worship lets God strip away things from our life. Unhindered worship is letting God break our chains. Unhindered worship is saying to the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength: “Not my will but Your be done”

So, Beloved of God, please come expecting God to meet you on your knees, or with your hands raised, or lying prostrate before Him. Come with faith and with a hunger and thirst for more of Him! And then in complete surrender and givenness over to Him, worship unhindered. As we do, He inhabits those praises which are an aroma pleasing to Him, and we taste a bit of heaven on earth.

Oh Lord, we love You, may nothing hold us back from giving everything we have, everything we are for now and for eternity!




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