Does God believe in me?

Does God believe in me?

We all have heard that we are supposed to believe in God. Even if we aren’t sure everything we believe about Him, for the most part, people know that they need to decide whether or not they believe that He is there. I for one believe that He is there because of the intricacies of nature, the witness of the church, the testimony of the Bible and my personal interaction with Him. But the question I would like to pursue today is whether or not God believes in me. Why does it really matter? And is there any way that I can actually know? Furthermore, if He does believe in me what does that change about how I live?

  1. Does God believe in me? By this, I assume that we are talking about whether or not He thinks you can do it. The question here seems to bring up for consideration whether or not God thinks we can handle what comes our way and whether or not we will finish the race, pass the test, hurdle the obstacle, or navigate the path. I want to give a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is yes, God thinks you can. The long answer will (as you guessed!) take a little longer….
    • God believes in you because He knows what He put in you when He created you
    • God believes in you because He knows all that He is capable of regardless of your limitations
    • God believes in you because He is an all-loving Father who desires the best for His children
    • God believes in you because He is an all-knowing Father who is able to see situations and people for who they really are
    • God believes in you because above all else, not believing in you is contrary to His character of perfect holiness
  2. Why does it matter whether or not God believes in me? In this world, there are thousands, or perhaps millions or billions of people who will not believe in you. They won’t believe in you because they don’t know you, think too highly of themselves, have personally given up in the face of adversity or maybe because they want you to fail. Furthermore, there is an invisible spiritual world led by dark forces, powers and principalities that not only wants you to fail but indeed are actively working for your defeat. The leader of these dark forces comes to steal, kill and destroy and it is no wonder that his kingdom is similarly rooting for your downfall. It is important to know that God believes in you because in a world where circumstances (whether by design or accident) seem to be stacked against you and where people and invisible forces (whether by intentionality or indifference) are rooting for your downfall it is important to know that the Almighty Creator of the Universe who is also the Savior and Redeemer of mankind not only loves us but is actively rooting for and working for you and I do succeed in this life. Believe it because from such an awareness and belief comes the source of true life and strength!
  3. How can I actually know that God believes in me? In a nutshell, I would say to you: ask Him! If you ask Him, He will show Himself to you, reveal they way He thinks about you and confirm to you who He is and who you are. But I do believe He also confirms this through the Bible, through the teachings of the church and by the witness of men and women of faith. I would encourage you to ask Godly people that you know, look up some classics of Christianity to find out about God’s love and to spend time in prayer and the Bible to find for yourself. There is nothing like personal discovery and revelation and I am sure as you run after God you will come to know that He really does believe in you.
  4. If God believes in me how should that change how I live? When your mom and dad cheered you on, encouraged you, congratulated you and clearly affirmed you “I knew you could do it!” it spurred you on with a greater desire to bring pleasure to your parents, to work hard on the next venture and to believe that maybe just maybe anything was possible. When you are cheered on by a spouse, friends or family it can impart courage to you, spur you on to stretch and grow and even lift you from times of frustration, defeat or despair. If indeed God believes in you and me (and I am telling you He does!) then it ought to change the way we live because we now can advance with an inner confidence that God is not out to destroy me, hang me up, mock me, ridicule me, maliciously work against me or standby indifferently. If God is for me, then it can be known that He is actively working for my best interests even as He is diligently working, revealing, gifting and resourcing my life that I may overcome.

Romans 8:31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?

Please recognize and accept from me (and from God’s Word itself: check out the Scriptures listed below) that God is dreaming about, desiring and working for your and my overcoming and He will not stop all the days of our lives. Please know that you and I can overcome if we will accept His gracious gifts of love, mercy, wisdom, guidance, and provision and let us live full of gratitude to the One who believes in us!

* Psalm 139:13-16; Matthew 10:31; John 3:16; Isaiah 43:4; Romans 8:32; Jeremiah 1:5; Isaiah 49:15-16



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