What the world needs now

It’s that time again. You know, when men and women begin to politic and proclaim what they believe about something, because they are certain that their particular political convictions are the hope of America. The rhetoric, the campaigning, the promises, the slogans. All of this and more has begun as the presidential hopefuls seek to sway the opinions and therefore votes of the people in order to get into office, presumably to make us a “better nation” and “help us move forward” and whatever other promise of hope they brand along the way.

But I am here today to tell you that what the world needs now, what America needs now is not another politician or political promise. We don’t need another piece of legislation or a better judicial ruling. What we need is Jesus. We need to have an encounter with God. We need to see God and begin once again to know the fear of the Lord. We need to recognize Him as Sovereign and humbly bow before Him in repentance and confession and plead for His grace and mercy in our desperate time of need!

For America to be changed, for the world to be changed we need to seek revival at the feet of Jesus! We each need to find a quiet place of prayer and ask the Lord to search our hearts, show us any wicked way in us and then to lead us in His perfect way. We need personal humility and personal holiness. We need to receive and live out the perfect love of God towards other people. What America needs is a humbling before God.

Only as we humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways and seek His face will He heal our land. This is Biblical. This is a warning and a promise. A promise that He will do this beautiful thing for us, but a warning of what will happen if we continue on in our own selfish ways.

But before you take the words of this post and parade them around as a weapon to establish your personal opinions, and to promote your own political agendas, please hear me when I say that revival only begins in my own heart! The transformation of America begins with my own humility, my own calling on God, my own treating others with the love of and respect God has called me to. Revival in America is letting God’s Words convict me of my sin, breaking me of my pride and self-will, stripping me of my self-sufficiency, wrecking me of my own independent spirit and then delivering me to a place of utter dependence upon Him for everything!

Hope for America is the Holy Spirit of God within me, helping me to love my enemies, pray for those who persecute me, give to those who ask of me, turn the other cheek, lay down my life for a friend, go the second mile, and of course also to cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world.

Please don’t sit around, hoping and wishing for the world to change. Please don’t spend all of your emotional energy hoping your candidate gets into office and somehow changes everything. Instead spend your time on your knees and in the Bible and let God revive you. Let God forgive you of your sins and cleanse you of your selfishness. Let God fill you with His perfect, loving Holy Spirit. And let God flow through you to love the world around you and be His witnesses. America and the world needs a revived, alive, Holy Spirit filled and anointed YOU. God has called me and you to bring the hope of the gospel to the world!


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