There’s not enough room!

I can’t make it fit!


There are times in life that no matter how hard you push, what angle you take, what tools you use, it just seems that you can’t make something fit.

It could be a suitcase you are trying to fit in the trunk as you get ready to head out on vacation. It might be one more shoebox or one more clothes hanger that you are trying to cram into your closet. Or it might be one more event, activity, appointment, priority or habit you are trying to fit into your life.

In our already full lives, there come opportunities everyday to add one more thing. These opportunities that come are ripe with possibilities and with potential value that could be added to your life.

But the reality is not everything will fit.

There comes a point when one more thing simply is impossible to squeeze in.

Let me share with you something I am learning.

There is only so much space in our lives. And once that space if full nothing else can fit, unless you take something out. We have to make choices about what is better and what is of greatest importance.

The more you cram in, the less you can do with the things already in your life. The tighter the packing the less the fulfilling. If everything is crammed in, there is little to no time or space to use what you have that is important to you.

Not only does it take much physical strength to maneuver all this shuffling and rearranging in order to try and make the tetris puzzle of your life fit, but it also takes much emotional and intellectual energy.

And what is the end result of trying to put too much in? Stress. Anxiety. Tiredness. Over-looking of important things. Neglect of spiritual matters. Distance from the Lord. Breakdown. Burnout. Personal, family and professional self-destruction.

So what is the answer?

Recognize that you can only fit so many things in. Choose them wisely. Like the person who is packing a carry-on for a trip on an airplane. Choose only the most important things. Have the things handy that mean the most, accomplish the most and are the most fulfilling.

Let the other things go.

To do this takes much prayer. It takes courage to say no. It takes much planning so the distractions and cleverly masked “opportunities” are seen truly as clutter.

Please, make extra room in your life. You will thank me for it later!

Here are 5 simple practices for creating space:

  1. Make your time with God your first and most important activity
  2. Leave 15-30 minutes before and after every appointment/activity
  3. Schedule large blocks of time (3-4 hours – hopefully undistracted and uninterrupted) a few times every week to work on your most important things
  4. Only allow yourself to say yes to so many activities per week and then say “no” or “not now” to all of the other opportunities that come along
  5. Choose to make your decisions of what is important based on the Bible/what God says not based on other people’s expectations or your own personal feelings

I hope this helps! If you have any ideas for creating space, please comment below.


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