Are you in a spiritual valley?

Do you feel empty and depleted? Does it seem that in your spirit you struggle to have the joy you know you are supposed to have or the faith that others seem to have? Maybe it seems like God is so very far away.

The Christian walk is a beautiful one and the promise of God is sufficient for all! however the reality is that along the course of our spiritual journey we may face times when we have drifted. In our drifting we let things go that we truly know are important. When we are empty and drifting in our spiritual walk we also rationalize certain thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Emptiness, dryness, the feeling like our spiritual life is barely limping along, these are things that discourage believers.

The beautiful reality is that God has something for you and me! If today you find yourself wondering if your Christian walk really should be more vibrant, full, joy-filled, faith-filled etc, then please read these words from John HJ Barker:

“The Holy Spirit sometimes opens our eyes so that we discern the actual barrenness and sterility of our lives. We are so orthodox, claiming to be loyal to the Bible. We are so faithful in worship and service. We may even claim to be sanctified, but the heart knoweth its own bitterness, and He brings into our consciousness a great sense of emptiness, and dryness. He reveals to us our ineffectiveness in the face of sudden trial, or in a protracted test, so that from our inmost soul there goes up the great longing cry which was first uttered by the Psalmist: ‘My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God’. 

It may be that quoting this will create now an echo in the mind and heart of some reader. The Holy Spirit is making you aware of the drought and aridness in your life, not to sadden or spoil your life, but in order that He may send the Word which He has inspired: ‘I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and streams upon the dry ground’ (Isaiah 44:3). The selfsame Spirit who is making you aware of your great need of the divine fullness, is waiting and longing to bring that fullness into your heart.”       *

So what is the answer?

If God Almighty is speaking to you today about your dry, empty soul, ask the One who can and will answer, and He will fill you with His Spirit afresh and anew! In simple faith and simple obedience, just ask God to take the dryness from within and pour love and faith directly into you by His Holy Spirit.

And then?

Just believe that He is willing and able.

Believe again that He answers prayers. Yes, even yours.

And then walk in the promise and reality of knowing that God is indeed breathing His Presence into your very soul.

It won’t be very long before the assurance of new spiritual life comes coursing through you!



*This is the Will of God: A Study in the Doctrine of Entire Sanctification as a definite Experience


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