A World of Pain

We live in a world of pain.

Everywhere you turn there are people suffering.

They are hurting. Many feel hopeless and helpless. It hurts my heart to see the struggle that so many go through day in and day out.

We all know that much of our pain is caused by our own choices. But we also know there are things that happen in this life that seem to have no explanation. They simply come because we live in a fallen world. Because there is sin, because there is separation from God and because of the brokenness within the human heart, there is suffering. The pain we face comes in all forms: relational, physical, emotional, spiritual and more.

Perhaps even more tragic is that we don’t have to live as victims, defeated and hopeless and yet many times we do. God has given us His great and precious promises. They are guaranteed by the deposit of His Holy Spirit and sealed by His perfect, holy and all-sufficient character. Though there will always be pain and suffering in this world, God offers to us, hope, comfort, healing, love, joy and peace even in the midst of it. If we will trust God, that He truly is who He says He is, and that He will actually do every last thing that He has said He will do, then we can be absolutely assured that in the midst of trials of life (and Jesus told us we would have trouble in this world) then we can still be more than conquerors.

So please, if you are hurting today, if you are at the end of your rope and the hurt and pain are too much to carry any further…give it all to God. Trust Him with your problems, your heart, your past, present and future. And ask God to do what He does so well: take the impossible broken within (and around) us and change it into something beautiful.

If you would like to have someone to listen to your story or pray with you, please feel free to contact me and I would gladly walk with you and pray for/with you to our good and gracious God above!


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